Missing Classmates Needing Contact Info

A huge “THANK YOU” to all of you who sent addresses, emails and contact information on so many of the classmates from our previous “LOST HUNTER“ list. Thanks to you, we now have email addresses for 242 classmates. We mailed out 97 letters through the U.S.mail.

Below is the updated “Lost Hunter” list. These are classmates we have not been able to get current information on. Please take a look and let us know at if you have information on any of these classmates.

Melvin Anderson
Shirley Anderson/Shields
Susan Avery/Daugherty
Joan Berg
Harold Dallman
Robert Erickson
MaryJo Flynn/Nygard
Darlene Forseth
Milt Goossen
Norman Harrison
Beverly Hereid
Richard L. Johnson
Ronald L. Johnson
Kenneth Kishel
Barbara Klang
JoAnn Lading
Toni LaVictoire
Nancy Lindvall
Sharon Mattsen
Sherry Melin
Sandra Morris
Roselyn Myhrer
David Nelson
Beverly Newville/Callahan
Dennis Oraskovich
MaryAlice Peterson/Johnson
Ronald Peterson
William Peterson
Sandra Schwarzkopf/Hustari
Terry Swenson
Sally Staudinger/Abell
Gordon Wedin
Shari Wolfe/Lanning
Linda Ziegler/Chambers